A4 Booklet (landscape)

A landscape A4 booklet is a type of booklet that is oriented horizontally, rather than vertically like a typical portrait-style booklet. The A4 size refers to a standard paper size that measures 210mm by 297mm.

The landscape orientation allows for a wider, panoramic view of the content, making it well-suited for showcasing images or designs that require a broader canvas. 

The content of a landscape A4 booklet can include a range of materials, such as photos, illustrations, text, tables, and charts. The number of pages in the booklet can vary depending on the content, but they are typically in multiples of four, since each sheet of paper folded in half creates four pages.

The booklet can have a cover page with a title, images, and other relevant information. The design of the cover page can be customized to suit the content of the booklet and the purpose it serves. The content of the booklet can be laid out in various ways, such as in columns or in a multi-column grid, to take advantage of the wider page layout.

Overall, a landscape A4 booklet is a popular and versatile way to present information in a panoramic format, with the wide orientation making it ideal for showcasing visual content such as photos, illustrations or graphics. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as brochures, catalogs, portfolios, or promotional materials.

Flat Size 594mm x 210mm

Finished Size 297mm x 210mm

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