A4 Brochure (portrait)

An A4 saddle stapled portrait booklet is a type of booklet that is commonly used for presenting information in a professional and organized manner. The A4 size refers to a standard paper size that measures 210mm by 297mm. In a portrait orientation, the booklet is taller than it is wide.

The saddle stapled binding method involves folding a set of pages in half, placing two staples along the spine (fold) of the booklet, and then trimming the edges to achieve a uniform shape. This creates a booklet that is held together by the staples in the spine, with the pages lying flat when the booklet is opened.

The booklet can have a cover page with a title, images, and other relevant information. The content of the booklet can include text, graphics, images, tables, and charts. The number of pages in the booklet can vary depending on the content, but they are typically in multiples of four, since each sheet of paper folded in half creates four pages.

In an A4 saddle stapled portrait booklet, the pages are oriented in a vertical (portrait) position, which is well-suited for content that is longer or more vertical in nature. This orientation is commonly used for manuals, catalogs, brochures, and other types of informational or instructional materials.

Overall, the A4 saddle stapled portrait booklet is a popular and cost-effective way to present information in a professional and organized manner, with the portrait orientation providing a convenient format for longer or more vertical content.

Flat Size 420mm x 297mm

Finished Size 210mm x 297mm

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